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All our facilitators code. We share our love of coding and experience of best practises. Our courses are learner-led and fully hands-on. In fact, we use the flipped learning model, with only the bare minimum necessary time spent on theory in class. Our chief facilitator has taken courses on Instructional Design, Learning how to Learn and many more.

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We have courses for all levels of learners!

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We are industry experts with 50+ years of industry experience.

Ravi Srinivasan

Ravi has worked for large multinationals and small startups. With a US patent under his belt, he likes to keep leveling up by learning new tech all the time. He is the Chief Facilitator at Code Space

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RadhaKrishna Sharma

RK, as he likes to be called, is a self taught code and science enthusiast. He loves tinkering with code and hardware and works as a director in a large tech company. He teaches Javascript at Code Space

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Siddhartha S

Siddharth is an entrepreneur and corporate trainer. He has trained in multiple technologies. He loves teaching children - Scratch and Python are favorites. He plays strategy board games to unwind. More About Sid

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